Sizzler Cheese Toast

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Whenever you mention Sizzler to someone, even to people who have not been for many years, they always remember two things – the famous Salad Bar and Sizzler’s Cheese Toast. Cheese Toast is an important part of the Sizzler experience, just as bread is an important part of most meals.

Bread around the world

Almost all cultures have some form of bread – tortillas, baguettes, naan, lavash, panini, sourdough, pita, Asian pork buns, hushpuppies and fruit buns, to name just a few. Bread is a staple food for mankind and has special symbolism in all cultures. Bread is the forebear of all prepared foods. It is the foundation of cooking and in many countries represents one of the pillars of nutrition and gastronomy.

Bread for life

The mixing of flour, salt and water over 6000 years ago was the beginning of culinary development. Since then bread has come a long way. It can be unleavened, or leavened with yeast, produced from whole-wheat flour, rye, corn, barley, cassava, oats, and a combination of one, or two or more grains. Also available are breads infused with herbs, olives, dried fruits, onion, sweet chilli – even vegemite!

History of bread

Throughout time, bread has been a staple and a symbol of power, often controlled by governments from production to distribution as a means of controlling the populace. In France, shortage of bread was one of the reasons that triggered the French Revolution in 1789. When Jesus gathered his disciples together for the Last Supper, he took bread and gave thanks. Since then millions of Christians take consecrated bread as the symbol of Christ’s body. Other breads such as bagels, croissants and hot cross buns commemorate special events. Bread is a symbol of money – we earn our daily bread. Bread is a symbol of all food and to eat is to break bread. Bread is shared amongst our friends and companions. The word “companion” is derived from the Latin com (with) and panis (bread).

Cheese toast

The basic recipe for Sizzler Cheese Toast has not changed since it originated in the USA more than 40 years ago. Thick sliced white bread is spread with a generous mix of pecorino cheese and margarine and is then toasted on a flat grill until golden brown on one side. Cheese toast is a delicious blend of textures and flavours, with soft chewy bread on one side complimented by crisp toast on the other and, the subtle yeasted bread flavours contrasting with the sharp flavour of parmesan cheese.

Sizzler’s tasty Cheese Toast is served free with every meal. So bring some companions to share Cheese Toast with us soon. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!