Allergen Information

Sizzler recognises that a small number of our customers may be particularly sensitive to certain food ingredients called allergens.

Sizzler’s Salad Bar and Grill meals contain a wide variety of ingredients including wheat (gluten), egg, dairy, soy, seafood, peanuts, tree nuts, honey, sesame seeds and sulphites (found in dried fruit and wine).

All our meals are cooked to order and almost all our salads are made fresh on premise.

We have issued an Allergens Report to each Sizzler Restaurant in Australia. The restaurant manager will be able to use this to assist you in making an informed meal choice when you dine.

Although we have this guide, Sizzler cannot guarantee that there will not be a trace amount of any ingredient in any product, as all products share equipment and the same environment.

We advise customers with extreme sensitivities to seek medical advice. If you have a severe allergy to a particular food, please advise our staff, they may be able to assist with alternative choices.