Sensational soups!

There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of tasty soup to start your meal, and we give you an amazing selection! Enjoy our popular Pumpkin soup, or be tempted by our new Summer Thai Chicken or the classic Garden Tomato. All included on the Sizzler Salad Bar.

Summer Hunger

Christmas shopping, swimming, backyard cricket, family get-togethers. There’s a lot of ways to work up an appetite during the Summer holidays. Luckily we’ve got a delicious new menu to help beat the Summer Hunger!  Start with one of our fresh new Summer Salads like Prawn, Potato & Avocado Salad and Turkey, Cherry & Haloumi Salad. Savour a […]

The Sizzler Christmas Day Banquet

Take the stress out of Christmas this year and enjoy all your Christmas favourites – in air-conditioned comfort! Bookings are essential for our traditional Christmas Day Banquet, which includes mouth-watering Australian Prawns, Pacific Oysters, tender Leg Ham, succulent Roast Pork, oven roasted Turkey, Honey BBQ Chicken Wings, Golden Fried Shrimp & Calamari, fresh Sizzler Salads, […]

All About Chips

Everyone loves chips One thing we all agree on when it comes to chips is that no one can stop at one.  A simple potato, cut into batons and deep-fried. Served alone, chips are the second most popular convenience food product after sandwiches, but it’s as a faithful and indispensable side dish where chips have […]

Food Source

Sizzler maintain a strong commitment to provide our guests with the best quality ingredients across all of our Salad Bar and Grill Meal items. All of our beef is 100% Australian grown and raised, sourced from Australia’s best cattle growing regions. Our steaks are delivered chilled not frozen by Top Cut to our restaurants three […]


Sizzler introduced the first Soup, Salad, Pasta, Fresh Fruit and Dessert Bar concept. Since those pioneering days, we have expanded our ‘classic grill’ to include, not only steak and seafood, but also delicious chicken dishes, BBQ ribs, combination meals, and burgers. ’Variety’ and ‘freedom to choose’ set Sizzler apart from other dining experiences. At Sizzler […]